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Rooted in nature...

I offer high quality art prints of Meera’s paintings. They come very close to the original expression and last for generations. 
These amazing artworks are printed on paper that comes closest to the original paper on which Meera painted most of her paintings.

Meera’s art is directly connected to Osho, for in her entire oeuvre she expresses Osho’s vision. At the same time, her paintings – whether done in ink, acrylic or watercolors – are completely rooted in nature. And they were created in the context of meditation, thus carrying the flavor of no-mind.

In September 2017, the Meera Art Foundation has been established in Germany and in 2018 in Japan. It was founded for the dissemination and creative continuation of Meera’s work. This website is affiliated to the Meera Art Foundation and offers fine art prints from a selection of masterpieces by Meera.

The Meera Art Foundation Blog provides information on current events and exhibitions.

What Meera says about the prints​

“My feeling is that Premendra understands what I want to say with my work and what I would like to express with Osho’s guidance. I never had a prefabricated message to pass on. I want to leave people total freedom in what they perceive in my paintings or what fantasies they stir in their imaginations. Or in other words, let them pick whatever they need.”

I remember how Osho once gave me such a hit with a Zen stick when he said to me: ‘Perfectionism is a disease!’ What? Perfectionism?! Hadn’t all my Japanese conditioning, even at the art academy, prepared me for just that: ‘Be reasonable, logical, perfect – that is what counts!’ So I had been struggling to better myself continuously. It was only Osho who finally taught me to be spontaneous, to stop trying to be perfect, not to exert myself. Perfection only makes you tense, just relax! And how can one paint a blossom when one is tense. That never works!”

I had no idea about Premendra’s project. We didn’t conspire and plot how to make a lot of money! No, he just went ahead on his own – that’s what I love! No contract, no stress, just letting everything happen by itself. And the quality is incredible. I don’t even dare touch these prints…you get the feeling the ink is still as fresh as dew. And you know, since the print is the second generation of the painting, it is more objective – and therefore more silent and clearer. As far as I am concerned, this whole thing has sparked off something in me, it helps me to let go of the originals…”


On this website you can find almost 200 of Meera’s masterpieces.


The first three categories contain all available prints. The others are subcategories to help you find what you are looking for. 

They are painted on sheets of paper of approximatly 70 x 100 cm.

Approximately 15 x 20 cm or sometimes even smaller.

Medium sized paintings Meera originally created to illustrate a book with Haikus by her mother.

Paintings from Meera's Art Book "Blossoming"

The book can be ordered from the Meera Art Foundation

Art and Meditation

“The seers of the ancient East have been very emphatic about the point that all the great arts — music, poetry, dance, painting, sculpture — are all born out of meditation. They are an effort to in some way bring the unknowable into the world of the known for those who are not ready for the pilgrimage — just gifts for those who are not ready to go on the pilgrimage.“  Osho

Custom Sizes and Special Orders

Prints can also be ordered in individual sizes. For special requests, please write your wishes in the form and I will make you an offer. I do not recommend large sizes for small originals.
Another elegant option is a frameless, floating ready-to-hang solution. The print is mounted on a thin aluminum plate and covered with 3mm thick acrylic glass (see sample).

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